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1 The request of your DoD ID number is to ensure that the winners of this sweepstakes are authorized shoppers of the NEX.

Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 1000.30, dated August 1, 2012, Reduction of Social Security Number (SSN) Use within DoD, requires that all Federal agencies shall reduce or eliminate the use of SSNs wherever possible.  The instruction notes, “The threat of identity theft has rendered the widespread use of SSNs unacceptable, resulting in the requirement that all federal agencies evaluate how the SSN is used and eliminate unnecessary use in accordance with the President’s Task Force on Identity Theft Strategic Plan.”

With the opening of the new myNavyExchange.com web site in August 2015, NEXCOM introduced a new login process to authenticate authorized shoppers. The new authentication process requires the use of DoD identification numbers as opposed to the customer’s last four of social security number and date of birth.  As a courtesy for those shoppers who have not yet obtained their new identification cards containing their DoD identification numbers, they may still login using the last four of their social security number and date of birth.
This change in process will also be incorporated into sweepstakes in Navy Exchanges.

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